Ethereum’s hard fork Constantinople: all you need to know

In order to remain on the Ethereum network, the Constantinople update will need to be applied to any current Ethereum software users. If it were a soft fork, this would not be the case, due to backward compatibility.

This update is just a stepping stone for Ethereum to expand the network while increasing efficiency. This update marks the beginning phases of the network’s transformation from a PoW system to PoS. Although Ethereum’s value isn’t what it used to be, many experts are predicting a strong rise for the cryptocurrency in 2019.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has multiple uses, and is expected to be adopted by more companies using decentralized cloud-based applications in 2019. The increase will be slow, but many estimate Ethereum’s value will hover around $500 toward the end of 2019, only to increase further come 2020. Constantinople is just one of the many steps being taken by the Ethereum development team to ensure its longevity.

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