Go to the account creation page: https://openledger.io/create-account 

Select either a wallet model or an account model for your OpenLedger DEX account.

  • Account model

To create an account model-based account, you need to enter a username (aka an account name) you want to use at OpenLedger DEX into the ‘Account Name (Public)’ field. Then copy the automatically generated password and paste it into the ‘Generated password’ field. 

Check the boxes at the bottom of the form and click the ‘Create account’ button. 

  • Wallet model

To create a wallet model-based account, add a username (aka an account name) to the ‘Account Name (Public)’ field. Add a strong password to the ‘Enter Password’ field and enter it once again into the ‘Confirm Password’ field to verify the password.


Once you create a wallet-based account, you’ll be prompted to create a backup. You may back your wallet up later if you want. 

Make sure that you remember your password at all times or keep it in a safe place. Being a decentralized exchange, we don’t have access to users’ passwords. If you forget or lose the password, we won’t be able to recover it for you and you’ll lose access to the account.