Dear Valued Account Holder,

Please be aware that OpenLedger are not able to restore access to accounts in the cases of lost or forgotten passwords, logins or backup files.

There is one exception to this rule. If you funded your OpenLedger account from another place and those funds are still on your OpenLedger account untouched (meaning you did not spend any part of these funds), then we may return your funds to another account on OpenLedger DEX. We will need compelling evidence that you are the owner of these funds in order for us to honour this request.


In some cases this procedure can be applied to erroneous sending of funds (for example, to scam accounts)

OpenLedger will charge an administration fee of 30% of the return amount requested for this service, with a minimum charge of 0.025 BTC.

To start the process of returning funds, create support ticket and select “Goodwil Service”.

We are able to return only OPEN.ASSETS (OPEN.BTC,OPEN.ETH. etc.) 

Fill all the fields and wait for our respond.

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