When you deposit FIAT to your OpenLedger account name, you are sending the amount in question to an OPENLEDGER bank account, and this same amount will then appear as OPEN.USD or OPEN.EUR in your account. This amount will appear the same, provided no costs have been deducted from your side or via any correspondent bank.

It is FREE to deposit FIAT directly to OpenLedger with a minimum of $50 USD or 50 EUR. Amounts less than this are possible, but charged with a 2% deposit fee with a minimum deposit of $2 USD/2EUR/15 CNY.

When you withdraw any one of the two FIAT pegged assets - OPEN.USD and OPEN.EUR - directly to FIAT USD or EUR in your own bank account, it will appear with a deducted commission of 3% of the amount, based on minimum withdrawals of $100 USD.

FIAT deposits and withdrawals are temporarily disabled. Sorry for inconvenience.