Dear Valued Account Holder,

If you loose your password or bin.file and can't get access to your account, you need to know the following:

1. Open Ledger is decentralized exchange. It means that we don't have access to your account. We are not able to change or reset access to your account and also we can't check who is the owner of this account. We don't have access to your funds, but we can refund open.assets (open.KRM).OpenLedger will charge an administration fee of 20% of the return amount requested for this service, with a minimum charge of 0.025 BTC. 

2. We can refund your tokens only to another OpenLedger account. So if you don't have another account at OpenLedger, please, create new one. 

3. Contact KRM support team , send them this 2 links and they will help you to recover your funds: 1st link- my old OpenLedger account, 2nd- my new account at OpenLedger. 

If you have questions or need some more information,please, create new "goodwill" ticket in support system and we will help you as soon as possible.

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