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Go here and fill as much fields as possible with information about your issue. The more information you provide, the sooner we will be able to help you with your issue.


What is OpenLedger.io account - the same as Rudex or Bitshares account. Just put the name of your account.


How to fill tickets fields depending on type of issue?

                                                                                                            Withdrawal Issue


What does it mean? It means you tried to withdraw your funds to another wallet (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) or exchange (Bittrex, etc) and did not succeed.                                                                                            

Go to your Account page and check your withdrawal transaction. 


Send to address: if you used Deposit/Withdraw page (we hope you used it) then in "WITHDRAW TO ADDRESS" field you will see to what address you have sent your funds ( for example address for ETH: 0xf954BbaBE2BF9a2A4c22dCEB223BF437e4863A4E)

Copy and paste it to the field "Send to address".

Transaction/Block number: to find out this, click on this green button with "Transfer" on it, and you will appear on the block page. It looks like the screenshot below. Provide the number or the link to this page.

You also can provide us  transaction ID. You can find it for example through cryptofresh service (Bitshares blockchain explorer): first search for your account name, then find transaction and you will be able to find out its ID (see on screenshot below). Copy and paste it into the appropriate field.


Operation ID: you will find this number on your account page. Just copy and paste it.

Description: your comments on your issue. Please specify the exact amount of your withdrawal, in description field.