Deposit issues are the issues related to sending funds from an external wallet/exchange to a BitShares/OpenLedger DEX account. You can find more information about making a deposit at 

On the ticket creation page, add all the necessary information to the form fields: your email address, the client/website that you use, and your account name. Write a subject line and a detailed description of the issue. Please make sure to include the exact amount of deposited funds in the description.

Select ‘Deposit Issue’ in the ‘Type of Issue’ dropdown list.

Add the name of the currency you were trying to deposit to the ‘Currency’ field. E.g.: BTC, ETH, etc.

In the ‘Sent from address’ field, put a name of the exchange from where you transferred the funds. If you used a wallet to send them, copy the wallet’s address and paste it into the same field. Please do not attach the wallet address as a screenshot to the ticket.

Proceed to the ‘Sent to address/memo’ field and add a unique address generated for you by OpenLedger DEX. Transaction number (TXID) - is available in the withdrawal history of the exchange/wallet that you used for making the deposit.