Have troubles? The ticket is a fast and easy way to receive a solution or an answer from OpenLedger team.

Go here and fill as much fields as possible with information about your issue. The more information you provide, the sooner we will be able to help you with your issue.


What is OpenLedger.io account - the same as Rudex or Bitshares account. Just put the name of your account.


How to fill tickets fields depending on type of issue?

                                                                                              Deposit issues 

This means that you've tried to send funds from external wallet or exchange to Bitshares or OpenLedger account.

First (before you do this) go to Deposit article and check the right order for this action. If you did everything right and did not receive funds then please contact our support.


How to fill the ticket fields.



Sent from address (Exchange name): If you have sent your funds from another exchange just put its name (Bitfinex/Bittrex/GDAX etc.). In case you've sent funds from different wallet, you are able to check the address from what you sent it. Please copy and paste this address into the appropriate field. Do not send this information ONLY by screenshot.

Send to address/memo: if you followed our Deposit instructions here https://openledger.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/33000213878-how-to-make-a-deposit- then you used data pointed there (see screenshot below). Put them into this field.

Please specify the exact amount that you have deposited in description field.