Here is how the delisting process works at OpenLedger DEX:

1. We make an announcement and stop accepting deposits in the to-be-delisted coin.

2. OpenLedger DEX users have two weeks to withdraw funds in the given currency from their accounts. Check out this guide for more details about the withdrawal procedure.

3. On the appointed day, all the coin-specific withdrawals are stopped.

4. Coin trade is stopped after two more weeks. 

5. OpenLedger DEX users can withdraw the coin with the help of the Support Team during one month after gateway was closed. 

To withdraw your funds during the two-week-period, take the following steps:

1. Send the coins to the “openledger-delisting” account. ‘Memo’ is an optional field, you may leave it empty.

2. Create a new support ticket.

Set the ‘Type of issue’ field to ‘Coin delisting’. 

3. Fill in all the necessary form fields like in the example below:

You can expect a reply within 72 hours.