General delisting process:

1. OpenLedger makes an announcement and switch off the deposit operation for the required coin.
2. Users have an opportunity to withdraw their funds in the operational mode during 2 weeks.
3. OpenLedger switches off the withdrawal operations for the delisted coin.
4. Withdrawal of the coins will be available for the users during 3 months with the help of the Support Team.
5. OpenLedger switches off trading for the coin and stop to provide any support for the coin.

How to make a withdraw in the first 2 weeks after the delisting announcement:

Users have to  perform the ordinary procedure (see “How to make a withdraw” guide here

How to make a withdraw after switching off the withdrawal operations:

1. Users have to make a transfer of the coins to the “openledger-delist” account (memo - is an optional field).

2. Users have to create a ticket in the Support System ( “Coin delisting” type of the issue must be selected.
3. Users have to fill all the necessary ticket fields like in the example below:

Support Team will process your withdrawal request using general rules (

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