BitShares and OpenLedger: how are they connected?

BitShares is a platform running on Graphene and providing all the necessary tools and features such as Decentralized Verification, Public P2P Network, Industry-Grade Security, DPOS Consensus, Decentralized Decision Making, Stakeholder-Approved Project Funding, Decentralized Exchange, Counterparty-Risk Free Trading, Integrated Payment Solution, Price-Stable Cryptocurrencies, Referral Program, Prediction Markets, and Recurring & Scheduled Payments.

OpenLedger DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the decentralized market. Offering a number of advanced instruments, it still remains within reach of less tech-savvy users. It’s much similar to RuDEX, Crypto-Bridge, and others.

The OpenLedger’s user-friendly interface makes this BitShares platform easy to use for anyone. And what is more important - OpenLedger has numerous gateways allowing users to deposit and/or withdraw different cryptocurrencies traded on this exchange.

When you speak about OpenLedger and Bitshares account, you speak about the same thing. It means that you can create an account at and log in with it at, and vice versa.

As OpenLedger DEX is a BitShares platform, it is obvious that they have the same registration process and the same account models.