If you have a BitShares wallet you can restore it with brain key on OpenLedger DEX in a few easy steps.

It is better to make this after you cleared your cache in browser (or you can use incognito mode in google chrome). 

1. Go to openledger.io

2. Choose 'Login'

3. Then choose 'wallet model'

4. You'll see there 'I don't have bin.file' line. Click on it. 

5.Choose 'Brainkey'

5. Fill all the forms you see on the screen. You need to create new password and confirm it. Please, don't forget to save it! This password you will use for getting access to your account and for making all other operations. 

6.  Click on 'create new local wallet' . Note you won't create new wallet, you will get access to your old wallet ( for which this brainkey belongs)