To transfer your assets from the OpenLedger DEX account to an external wallet (e.g., a Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet) or to another exchange (e.g., Bittrex), you should use the ‘Withdrawal’ feature.

Please note that you can withdraw only assets issued by the OpenLedger exchange (e.g., STEEM, BTC, etc.) using the OpenLedger DEX transfer service (OpenLedger Gateway).

To make a withdrawal, go to Than click on "Assets" tab.

Select the open asset you want to withdraw and click ‘Withdraw’ in the same row. 

A new window with a withdrawal form will pop up. Make sure that you’ve selected the right currency (1). Fill in all the necessary fields, including the number of tokens you want to withdraw (2) and an external wallet/exchange address (5) where you’re going to send the funds.

In the ‘Fee’ field (3), you’ll be shown a fee that will be collected by the BTS network for the transaction. For BitShares platform fees visit this page.

In the ‘Gateway fee’ field (4), you’ll see the Gateway fee for the transaction. Please make sure that the amount you’re going to withdraw is at least two times larger than the gateway fee for the transaction. Otherwise, you may lose your funds.

Click the ‘Withdraw’ button. Confirm your password if you are prompted to do so. Then confirm the transaction to initiate the withdrawal.


  (info)Please note that withdrawals take 30 minutes on average. 

    If you have any trouble withdrawing funds from OpenLedger DEX, please create a support ticket.