Before making transfers,please read article which can help you understand when transfers should be done.

To make such operations you should be logged into your account. If you can't login into your account, please check this articles.

Go to 'Funds' - 'Assets' page and choose 'Send' by clicking on it. 

After that new window appears on the screen, it is transfer pop-up which you should  fill correctly. 

     Firstly, you should write account name to which you want send your funds (another account which was created on bitshares platform), it should be written in the first line (1)

     In the second line (2) you should write amount that you want to send and choose coin from the drop list in this line. 

     In MEMO field you can write any message, this text can view you only you and owner of another account, anyone else won't see this text. MEMO field also can stay empty. (3)

     The last field is fee that you pay to blockchain for this operation. (4)  If you have several coins, you can use any of them to pay this fee. You can choose fee from the drop list in this line. If this opportunity is not available it means that you can pay fee only in that coin which you see in the last line. 

    When all fields are correctly filled, you should click on 'Send' button. System will ask you to confirm your transaction and show you description of your operation. Also, system can ask you to confirm your password. 

    After that you can see your operation in 'History' tab on your account with green transfer icon near the operation. 

Please, double check account name of receiver! We can't cancel your transfer and can't return funds in such cases.