When you create your account (wallet) via Openledger DEX official web-site, your account is created on Bitshares blockchain. In blockchain all information is public and anyone can view it but can't change this information and can't get access to your account (of course except you). 

    You can get access to your account via different enter points such as openledger.io , wallet.bitshare.org, etc. How all this platforms are connected you can read in following article.

 Using Openledger you can view all account information. To make this you even don't need to be logged into your account. 

Pay attention! When you overview your account information, you are not logged into your account and don't have access to your funds! To get access to your funds you need to login into your account

On account page you can view the following information 

  • Check your balance and see 24 hour changes. For more details visit this solution. 
  • Check your open orders ( you can't cancel them, to make it you should be logged in
  • Check margin positions
  • See all operations which were made by your account in account history.
  • Read latest news in our blog
  • Check any existing market 
  • Check account details such as Membership, Voting, Permissions, etc. 
  • Contact Openledger Support Team.