Account settings are divided in two parts: account settings and platform settings.

 Platform settings you can find in the right corner on the top of the screen. Choose 'Settings' from the drop-down list. 

Pay attention that this settings are different for wallet model and account model, in this article will be described only common parts.

In "General' tab you can find the following opportunities:

 1. You can choose any language from the drop-down list.

  2.  You can choose in which currency you want to see balance on account page 

   3. Your account (wallet) after some period of time automatically is locking by the system, you can unlock it in any moment by your password.                  In this field you can change this auto-lock time (counted in seconds) 


   4. Also, you can choose theme that you like the most (light or dark)           

In 'Accounts' tab you can see what accounts were added by you. 

'Restore/Import' tab can be used only by users who has wallet model based accounts.

In 'Access' tab you can view all nodes which exist and to which you can be connected. You can change active node if you wish. It is better to use node with the lowest latency. 

'Active node' is node to which you was automatically connected. Usually it is node with the lowest latency. 

In 'Faucet' tab you can view what address was used to pay the registration fee for new users.

Account settings you can find on account page. 

To see them go to 'Account' tab, click on 'Advanced features' in the left corner on the screen, all these tabs which you see are your account settings. 

In tab 'Membership' you can change your membership on bitshares platform and read some info about members bonuses. To learn more about Membership on Bitshares, please visit Official Bitshares Documentation. 

In tab 'Voting' you can vote for Openledger. You support us on being one of the Bitshares Witness,Committee member and Worker. Also, on this page you can view list of all Bitshares Witnesses,Committee members and Workers, and all details of voting for each member. 

In 'Issued Assets' tab you can see what assets were issued by your account (if such assets exist). This account haven't issued any assets yet,so the list is empty.

In 'Permissions' tab you can view all your public and private keys. To learn more about permissions, please read this article.

In 'Whitelist' tab you can see what accounts you have blacklisted and whitelisted, who blacklisted or whitelisted your account. Also you can add accounts into white and blacklist on this page.